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New York City Housing Authority helps to provide housing for more than 400,000 residents with average or below average incomes. Spanning throughout the five boroughs, NYCHA includes several public housing developments, such as, Baruch, Gompers, Bracetti Plaze, Compos Plaza II, Lower East Side III, Riis, and Wald. NYCHA continues to increase the opportunities available to residents for housing.


In particular, Ventrop Engineering Consulting Group was contracted to provide measurement and verification (M & V) services for NYCHA to assess the actual energy savings attained on several projects implemented by NYCHA in the form of lighting measures, new boilers, instantaneous hot water heaters, and wireless energy modules.


Ventrop ECG inspected the lighting energy conservation measure as part of first year of the contract. Existing lighting is replaced within residential apartments and building common areas. Lighting energy conservation measure (ECM) called for replacement of existing lamps and magnetic ballasts with new energy efficient lamps and electronic ballasts. Lighting controls such as occupancy sensors or day lighting controls were not a part of the contract and were not verified.

NYCHA, New York City Housing Authority

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