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Top Performer of Con-Ed Green-Team in 2012 for most gas saving on a single project.


Sutton Terrace is a residential complex comprised of three (3) residential apartment buildings with 500 dwelling units, a parking structure and some commercial spaces. Ventrop ECG was contracted to survey the existing mechanical system and provide recommendations for energy conservation measures.


After a comprehensive survey and analysis of the information obtained, and based on the goals of the Owner, we recommended the replacement of the existing boilers, the heating control system and the vacuum pumps, and the installation of new temperature apartment sensors and a new 100 KW co-generation system that can be used for backup power generation in the event of a blackout to provide power to elevators, public lighting and house pumps.  


Ventrop applied for and secured a grant from NYSERDA and the Con-ED Green-Team in excess to $250,000 for this project.  


The anticipated savings were determined to be about 22% of the total fuel consumption of 250 thousands therms, and since the boiler plant was converted from No. 6 fuel oil to dual fuel and is currently run on gas, we  anticipate that the cost of energy be reduced by $300,000 per year.   


Completion Date: January 2013.   


Winner of Con-Ed Green-Team top award in 2012 for most gas saving on a single project:


·       Anticipated savings were determined to be ± 22% of the total fuel consumption.


  • Cost of energy reduced by $300,000.00 per year

Sutton Terrace, 450 East 63rd Street, New York, NY 

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